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“Aluplast Tropical mixture which is formulated to withstand the high UV levels that we face here in Thailand. Aluplast has been producing these tropical tested profiles for over 20 years, so our customers can have peace of mind that their windows and doors will last them for the next 25 years.”

Europvc was established back in 2006 and soon became one of the market leaders in high quality European upvc windows and doors.

A conscious decision was made wright from the start, Europvc would only fabricate European imported profiles and all other parts such as multi-point locking systems and handles would also be imported from the best European suppliers, we would not offer a cheap Chinese alternative. The decision that was taken those 12 years ago, was the wright one and its for this reason that many developers have been with us for the past 9 years.

The company is based in Pattaya Chonburi but a lot of our time is spent fitting upvc windows and doors the length and breadth of the country, with customers from Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Khon Kaen, Buriram, Phetchaburi, Sukhothai, Surrin and Bangkok to name just a few. When customers decide they want Europvc to carry out their works, our European management team will advise and offer help making sure things like floor levels are understood with the Thai builder , handling everything from the initial sale to survey and the fabrication of your windows and doors.

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Why Europvc Windows & Doors?

Planning your windows?

Our European team will be able to provide you with as much or as little assistance as you require when it comes to choosing your new uPVC windows and doors. You maybe in the planning stage and discussing designs and sizes would be helpful for you. There are many reasons for wanting to install a quality system into your property ,for some, it’s about reducing outside noise whilst for others, it’s about the security that a quality system can provide, or it maybe as simple as just wanting to improve the overall look of the property. For whichever reason your looking to install new upvc windows and doors , we can offer friendly and helpful advise so that you can choose a system that suits your needs and your budget.

Your Home Survey

When you have decided on which windows and doors you will be installing into your home, one of our British surveyors will visit you to discuss everything. He will also make sure that your builder understands where we will be installing your new doors, and at what level, everyone needs to be on the same page and that’s where we come in and our surveyor will make sure everyone understands. We want to reduce as much as possible, the frame upstand at floor level so when the doors are installed we minimize the stepping over the frame as much as possible. These small details during the survey can make a vast difference to the end result of your installation.


The installation will be carried out by one of our teams of fitters, of which for most of them, have been with the company for 7 to 8 years and our teams foremen’s have been with us for 9 and 10 years, so they know what’s expected of them and they do a good job, many of the customer reviews highlight this.
One of the problems we face here in Thailand is that builders do not use angel beads, like we do in the west . As a result of this, we rarely find a window or door opening that measures the same across the width and height, some being worse than others. For those that are particularly bad we can introduce a finishing trim that hides the gap between the window and the finished wall. The reason for mentioning this is because we come across many installations where trims have not been used, we have a solution for it.
All of our windows and doors are fixed with avocet window fixings, a full sleeve expanding plug which makes for a very secure fit. The sealants that we use have been tried and tested over the years and are all high quality and guaranteed.

What We Do

We manufacture and fit European quality uPVC windows and doors in Pattaya, Thailand.

Whether you want to replace old wood or aluminium windows and doors with modern advanced uPVC window units or if you need uPVC windows and doors for any new build project we can provide services second to none. With over 25 years experience in the uPVC industry, manufacturing and installing for the UK markets, we are able to provide comprehensive technical expertise which covers all aspects of design, fabrication and installation of windows and doors.

Our Products

Casement System Open in or Out

60mm profile depth • thermal insulation of the standard combination Uf = 1.6 W/m²K • backstop gasket system with two sealing levels • glazing thickness up to 35 mm • design variety in the sash (classic-line recessed | round-line recessed) • tested burglar resistance class RC2 • concealed drainage is possible • ...

Sliding Door System

• perimetral interior gasket and additional exterior gasket for outstanding thermal insulation • thermally-broken threshold • weldable corner connectors guarantee highest stability • optimal safety due to high quality and safety standards • the use of appropriate security hardware guarantees perfect protection against burglary

Lift And Slide Door

Uf = 1.6 W/m²K improved insulating properties threshold and guide rail in aluminium glass and panel thicknesses up to 51 mm possible integrated sealing for highest product quality available in numerous decor variations available with aluskin® aluminium shells easy to assamble

Sliding Window Door

glazing thickness up to 20 mm • fine profile design • Steel reinforcements inside the profiles ensure high stability even of large elements • the use of appropriate security hardware guarantees perfect protection against burglary • available in numerous decor variations

Multi-Sliding System

glazing thickness up to 32 mm • extension profiles for multi-track sliding windows available • excellent structural values allow for large elements • aluminium threshold with integrated drainage system • easy installation • available in numerous decor variations

Mono Rail System

Glazing thickness up to 8 mm • unique sliding window solution with fixed and movable parts • wide range of accessories available due to standardised 60 mm frame system • integrated PVC interlock guarantees perfect tightness • fanlights and different window combinations possible

Casement System

Our Casement System is our most superior system and offer the very best security, sound and weather insulation. Used for both windows and doors, this system is versatile and offers a double rubber seal and compression locking to ensure maximum protection from the elements. Available ...


See What Makes Us Better

Our Testimonials

Barry from Udon

Contact europvc in pattaya. They fabricate, deliver and will send their team own team to install at an additional cost. I’m happy with my double glazing and the temp difference is amazing when you hand touch inside to outside. I installed all my exterior windows and doors. The PVC is guaranteed a little bit longer than just after the till payment.


Security locks are excellent. Slide and glide mechanism quiet.There are windows in UT but I found their quality IMHO inferior. There is a shop just south of the Nong Samrong road on the ring road who may have what you want, it’s call Austdoor. I used them in Vietnam when building but did not see them here until I bought my doors and windows.

Mr. Cees (KC) Cuijpers

Our team has been working with Aaron for 10 years now, we’ve been using their materials for a while and we’re very happy with it, our recent project with them is The Whisperers palm near Maprachun Lake. If you’re looking for high-quality doors and windows go to EuroPVC.

Ted Condotel Jomtien

Really pleased with the job Europvc have done!

Claynlr from ThaiVisa

Yes Europvc has different color frames but at a higher price than white and I think the color fading guarantee wasn’t as long as the white. 2/3’s of the windows are under carport or the extended roof at the front. The other 1/3 are under a 1M overhang. The concrete detail around the windows were I think 300 something baht for around a 5′ section. They really set the windows off for not too much. They have double pane glass for noise and insulation purposes. The casements provide good cross ventilation but when AC is needed I wanted energy savings. UPVC won’t transfer heat as aluminum do (unless a thermal break is added but not sure that is available in Thailand). The profiles are German from Aluplast. Hardware is German. A foreman and 4 installers came and were finished in a day.

All windows have roller insect screens, stored in an enclosure at the top of the window and pulled down in a track when needed. Price was 204,500B for double pane glass, single pane would have been 181,900B so about 22,600B to upgrade.

Aaron Eggleton is the Managing Director at Europvc and was wonderful to work with, answering all e-mails promptly and re-quoting numerous times due to my indecision of what I wanted!!

Simon Ditchburn

I used Europvc for my Tudor Court condominium project in Pratumnak, Pattaya. I always build to European Standards and Europvc offered the very best uPVC windows and doors that are to the same standard. That is why we shall use them on our next condo development: The Cube, also in Pratumnak Pattaya.

Charlie Warner

I had a new house build here in Pattaya, because I’ve been a victim of burglars here in Thailand before, I wanted good security, so I had Europvc fit German-made uPVC windows and doors, in black, they look fantastic and are incredibly strong.

Paul Barrett – Greenfield Villas

I first came across Europvc Windows & Doors when they were installing uPVC windows at Palm Oasis in Jomtien, Pattaya. I liked their professionalism and the fact that they had a fully European management team. I subsequently started to use them on my Greenfield Villas housing developments also in Pattaya, where the emphasis is on European standards and quality. Although cost is always a factor, more important to me is the quality, reliability and aftercare service that they offer.

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