Fly Screens

“Why should you install Europvc Fly Screens?”

Keeping out mosquitos and flies in tropical climates like Thailand, whilst keeping the beautiful look of your new uPVC windows and doors can be tricky. At Europvc we offer the very best in fly and mosquito protection. Our fly screens are custom made to fit any window or door and are neatly concealed in their casings when not in use, giving you the best protection and visual appeal.

Fly Screens
concertina fly screens

Concertina Fly Screens

Our Concertina Fly Screens are perfect for large openings and doors. Custom made to fit perfectly over any opening, the Concertina Fly Screens can double up for French doors and 3 – 6 panel sliding doors.

Encased in a minimal aluminium frame, the look of your new uPVC doors is maintained and the operating mechanism’s make the use of the concertina fly screens easy and manageable

Roller Fly Screens

Our Roller Fly Screens are the perfect way to protect your home from arial invaders. Encased in a minimal aluminium frame, our Roller Fly Screens are retractable so you don’t have to look at them when not in use.

Just open your windows and pull the Roller Fly Screen down for instant protection. Easy to clean and maintain these Roller Fly Screens are the perfect answer.

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