UPVC Windows And Doors For Property Developers In Thailand

When it comes to building property in Thailand, developers main concerns are finding a balance between low cost suppliers and high quality products and service. We all want to be able to provide the highest quality, at the lowest prices; without the hassle of poor service or language and communication break downs.

That’s why here at Europvc, we have been working hard on a way that we can offer our high quality European upvc windows and doors, at competitive trade prices.

We have a range of uPVC profile systems to suit all property types including condominiums and houses, offices and shops.

UPVC Windows And Doors For Property Developers In Thailand

Why use European uPVC Windows and Doors:

– Increase property sales value and interest with high quality windows and doors
– Highest Security, Single or multi-point locking Systems on windows and doors
– Steel reinforced for stability and security
– Eco Friendly; Reduced utility bills with excellent insulation benefits
– Beautiful look and feel really sets off the design and look of your properties
– Huge reductions in sound and weather pollution
– Long lasting, upwards of 30 years life expectancy
– Minimal maintenance and cleaning
– Available in a variety of colours and styles, made to custom dimensions
– Work with our European management team, step by step
– Receive excellent after sales service with a 10 year guarantee


We can help you plan

Save money and let us optimize your window and door sizes

If your project has five or more houses, you may want to think about optimizing the profile lengths so you’re getting the best cuts from your allocated profiles, in other words, reducing the waste left on the profile length. We can run your sizes through our optimization program can save you a considerable amount of money and the larger the project, the bigger the savings.

We have worked alongside many Thai Architects and we haven’t come across one that’s paid any attention to optimizing for best results.

Serving the Nation

As a company, we are based in Pattaya City, on Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard. Here we have our manufacturing plant where all of our windows and doors are made. Being based in Pattaya doesn’t mean we can’t offer uPVC windows and doors to people outside of Pattaya. We have an extensive network around Thailand and we are able to send transportation to anywhere in the country.
We have done extensive work in the Issan and north east areas of Thailand, including Buriram, Khon Kaen, Nong Khai and many other places. We have also worked extensively in the central and southern areas of Thailand including Surat Thani, Songkhla, Phang Nga and Phuket. Not forgetting the northern provinces such as Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Phrae, Lampang and many other locations across the country.
We can operate on a supply only basis or we can send a team of installation professionals to install your new windows and doors wherever you are in Thailand.

Serving the Nation

European Systems



Multipoint locking systems – up to 5 points on a door ensures that breaking-in tends to be way more hassle than its worth. Our high Quality stainless steel hardware is tough, durable and mostly hidden out of view. As with all of our windows and doors, the frames and sashes are reinforced with galvanised steel. Combined with laminated safety glass, our upvc windows and doors are as safe as you can get. With European grade uPVC, there is no Need for steel security grills or chains and padlocks.


Sound Insulation

Europvc windows and doors has been approved and certified to fabricate two of Europe's very best systems, with both of them picking up awards in a very competitive industry. Having the two systems gives customers the chance to compare two genuine top quality systems, side by side. We are confident in that Europvc is the only uPVC window and door company in Thailand, importing uPVC profiles directly from Germany. We encourage our customers to check for themselves and contact either Deceuninck head office Thailand or Call directly to Aluplast Germany, be sure your getting what your being charged for.  


Weather Resistance

Thailand is known for its tropical climate and monsoon style storms. While the roads around may flood; your homes won't. The casement system locks out all of the elements: rain, wind and fire. All of our profiles have been extensively tested in stressful environments to ensure that the colour and shape remain exactly as the day they were made, under warranty for 10 years. No need for sandbags at your door when the rain comes, sit back and enjoy being out of the elements.

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Some Of The Property Developers Who Use Europvc Windows And Doors


Whee Waht – Mr Loius


Green Fields – Paul Barrett


Tudor court – Simon Ditchburn

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